Thorn of the Honey Locust: Geoffrey Burgess, author and oboist

In a LIVE online presentation, NYS Baroque oboist, musicologist, and now author Geoffrey Burgess discusses his new novel, Thorn of the Honey Locust, and reads us selections from this work in progress. The novel is based on the life of Bach’s favorite oboe player, Johann Caspar Gleditsch, a prominent Leipzig musician for whom Bach wrote his most difficult and beautiful passages for oboe. We’ll hear about life in 18th century Germany, the beginnings of the coffee craze, what it was like to meet the great Bach, and even learn about horticulture to understand the title of the book! Musical examples and images will complement this engaging conversation with NYSB Director Deborah Fox.

This event will be presented live online, with chat with the artist. 

The time zone for this concert is Eastern Daylight Time. This concert is a collaboration with Pegasus Early Music.