Early Music and Black Lives Matter

At this time, America is literally burning from the inside out, and black people are struggling for their lives after centuries of continued injustice. It will take more than music to heal the outrage, violence, and sorrow of the past weeks and centuries; it will take real work from all of us, including NYS Baroque.

This is our responsibility. NYS Baroque, recognizing that early music was largely written by white male Christian Europeans, needs to do more to promote anti-racism and social justice. We will:

  • program more early music by composers of color
  • hire more professional artists of color, and strive to make our Board more diverse
  • engage critically with the cultural and social contexts for our programming
  • redouble our efforts in our new young artist program to recruit emerging musicians of color who are interested in early music

Although the music that we perform and you love is from centuries ago, we have to remember that we live in the modern world. We, as the Board of NYS Baroque and the face of our organization, all have work to do to, to stand against racism, recognize unconscious bias, erase disparities, and promote justice. We believe Black Lives Matter, and we support movements for positive change. With our music, we want to offer hope and inspiration, support and strength to all who are suffering in these distressing times.

– Deborah Fox, Artistic Director, and the Board of NYS Baroque